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AWS Development
Online Self-Learning
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  • Learn through high quality presentations, quizzes, recordings of live classes; installation guide available in LMS
  • Course content created using real life case studies and live project
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Live-Virtual Class
  • Attend AWS Development training from the comfort of your home with a computer
  • 36 Hours of live classes taught by experts over online training platform
  • Weekend classes are taught in 12 sessions of 3 hours each.
  • Taught using real life case studies and live project based on any of the selected use cases, involving AWS cloud computing
  • Lifetime access to Learning Management System (LMS) where presentations, quizzes, installation guide & class recordings are available
  • In case you miss a session, you can either attend the missed session in any other live batch or view the recorded session in the LMS
  • AWS Development certification based on the project completed during the training
  • Access to community forums for peer interaction and knowledge sharing
  • 24x7 support for lifetime through ticket based support system
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AWS Development Certification Course Overview

Our AWS Development certification training is designed to help you pass the AWS Certified Developer - Associate Exam. You will gain expertise on mastering AWS services along with developing SaaS based applications and implementing concepts like cloud essentials, models, high availability, auto scaling, load balancing, redundant services. This training, will introduce to the participants to explore and master AWS concepts and services offered by AWS. Participants will be offered guidance and will share lot of demo's on each topic with real time examples on high availability, load balancing, data redundancy and day to day operations in managing cloud services. Will also get to implement one project towards the end of the course.


After the completion of the AWS Cloud course at Edureka, you will be able to: 

  • Understand the cloud concepts
  • AWS services and operations
  • Create / configure each service
  • Real time scenarios on high availability / auto scaling 
  • Monitoring AWS services
  • Big data & Analytics
  • Automation's using Java SDK/ AWS CLI
  • Day to day cloud operations & maintenance of applications & services

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AWS Development Course Topics

  • Basic overview of the cloud
  • Different types of cloud models
  • Different types of cloud services
  • Different vendors of cloud implementation
  • Why to choose AWS?
  • Features of AWS and key offerings
  • Who is using AWS/customers
  • Real time Use-cases
  • Opportunities in Cloud/Market
  • AWS service catalogue
  • AWS Paradigm
  • AWS console
  • Overview of below services along with usage
  • Compute Service
  • Storage Service
  • Database Service
  • Content Delivery Service
  • Network Service
  • Application Service
  • Deploy & Management Service
  • AWS console
  • Explain each service visually over the console
  • Compute Service
  • Storage Service
  • Database Service
  • Content Delivery Service
  • Network Service
  • Application Service
  • Deploy & Management Service
  • AWS Java SDK Kit
  • Step by step Java SDK installation
  • Configuration
  • Develop sample java program and access AWS resources
  • AWS CLI tool kit
  • Step by step Java SDK installation
  • Configuration
  • Develop sample java program and access AWS resources
  • Demonstrate ability to monitor availability and performance
  • Creating Cloud Watch Alarms
  • Installing And Configuring Monitoring Scripts for Amazon EC2 Instances
  • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Instance and System Status Checks
  • Monitoring EBS For Performance And Availability
  • Monitoring RDS For Performance And Availability
  • Monitoring The Elastic Load Balancer For Performance And Availability
  • Demonstrate ability to monitor and manage billing and cost optimization processes
  • AWS Billing And Linking AWS Accounts
  • AWS Billing Dimensions and Metrics For Cloud Watch
  • Implement scalability and elasticity based on scenario
  • Scalability And Elasticity Essentials
  • Determining Reserved Instance Purchases Based Off Business Needs
  • Elastic Load Balancer
  • Autoscaling
  • What is autoscaling and where to use
  • How to configure autoscaling & autoscaling groups
  • Demo on scale up and scale down scenarios
  • Ensure level of fault tolerance based on business needs
  • High Availability by using Elastic IP Addresses
  • Understanding RDS Multi-AZ Failover
  • Different storage services
  • How to create and attach EBS volumes
  • EBS Root Devices On Terminated Instances - Ensuring Data Durability
  • What is Ephemeral storage?
  • What is the usage?
  • How create and attach s3 bucket
  • Demonstrate ability to create backups for different services (EC2 & RD)
  • How to create a customized AMI
  • How to take a snapshot and reuse the AMI
  • How to take a backup of the RDS instance
  • How to enable to auto snapshots for the RDS instance
  • Managing Backup And Disaster Recovery Processes
  • Quickly Recovering From Disasters
  • Read Replicas With MySQL RDS Across Regions
  • Storing Log Files And Backups from glacier service
  • Implement and manage security policies
  • S3 Bucket Policies
  • Building IAM Policies
  • Network Access Control Lists (NACLs)
  • Using IAM Roles With EC2
  • Ensure data integrity and access controls when using the AWS platform
  • What is MFA On Amazon Web Services (Multifactor Authentication)
  • What is Security Token Service
  • Demonstrate ability to prepare for security assessment use of AWS
  • Different AWS provided certificates & standards followed at AWS data centers
  • How to handle IT Audits
  • Demonstrate ability to implement networking features of AWS
  • Route53 and DNS Failover
  • VPC Essentials
  • Building A Non-Default VPC
  • VPC Networking
  • VPC Security
  • DB Subnet Groups
  • Elastic IP Addresses And Elastic Network Interfaces
  • Configuring A Web Application In VPC
  • Building A Virtual Private Cloud From Scratch - VPC
  • Troubleshooting Connectivity In Issues
  • Demonstrate ability to implement connectivity features of AWS
  • What is the AWS Direct Connect & On-premise To VPC Redundancy
  • Demonstrate the ability to provision cloud resources and manage implementation automation
  • Creating Our First Stack
  • Creating an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud with Cloud Formation And Launching An EC2 Instance
  • What is the usage the EMR and big data concepts
  • How to launch and configure the EMR service
  • Run a sample MapReduce program to view the job details to analyse the Big data
  • Cloud Security Best Practices at each layer
  • Compute Service
  • Storage Service
  • Database Service
  • Content Delivery Service
  • Network Service
  • Application Service
  • Deploy & Management Service
  • Cost Optimisation at each layer
  • Compute Service
  • Storage Service
  • Database Service
  • Content Delivery Service
  • Network Service
  • Application Service
  • Deploy & Management Service

AWS Development Certification & Exam

Once you are successfully through the project (reviewed by an expert), you will be awarded with the AWS Development certificate.

AWS Development Certification Training

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